Meet Doctor Daly


Dr. Daly graduated from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1993. Upon graduation, Dr. Daly completed a hospital-based residency at the VA Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he encountered and was educated in extreme patient care.

Dr. Daly moved back to Baton Rouge in 1995, where he opened his own practice on Government Street and continued to practice dentistry for ten years. In a move to expand and better serve the Baton Rouge area, his wife, Sally B. Daly, opened her own dental practice on North Oaks Hills Parkway in 1997. In 2005, Dr. Nelson Daly moved to his new, custom facility on Bluebonnet Blvd, where he is currently located.

Dr. Daly is not only renowned in the Baton Rouge area for his quality work and community service, but he is also well-known among his fellow professionals through his position on various boards and committees across the state. He currently serves as the Chairman for the Baton Rouge Community Clinic, but has also served in the following positions in the past:

Baton Rouge Dental Association President

State Chair for Membership and Retention for the Louisiana Dental Association

Chair for the Greater Baton Rouge chapter of the Louisiana Dental Association

Dr. Daly's Origin

Just like the unique culture of Louisiana, The Louisiana Center for Restorative Dentistry has also developed a culture all its own. Our patient care and customer service are renowned in Baton Rouge and South Louisiana. Patients of The Louisiana Center for Restorative Dentistry enjoy gifts such as plastic cups, koozies, coffee mugs with a can of chicken noodle soup, lip gloss after a completed dental appointment, and flowers to our clients for referrals. Dr. Daly's years of experience also lends attention to such intricate details of providing magnifying glasses for elderly patients to aid in reading pamphlets, sunglasses for patients in sunny rooms, relaxing music to help you relax while you're in for a visit, and headphones to drown out the sound of tools at work. We also offer warm neck wraps with aromatherapy and paraffin wax for your hands.

4450 Bluebonnet Blvd, Suite B Baton Rouge LA 70809

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