Denture Comfort

Denture Comfort

Denture Comfort

Denture Comfort

The Problem:

Loose Dentures, Receding Gums

When properly maintained, dentures work wonderfully as a replacement for missing natural teeth. Over time, however, the constant pressure of the dentures' hard acrylic base causes shrinkage of the ridge and the underlying bone. The result is that dentures eventually don't fit and require messy, often unreliable adhesive to keep them in place. It also means that denture wearers must have their dentures relined every few years and endure adjustments from their dentist.

The Solution:

An Affordable, One-hour Procedure

Denture Comfort is a proven, industry standard procedure that works with either new or current denture wearers. The process is simple: your dentist will install four to six ultra-narrow titanium Altas implants. Then your denture is lined with a soft, elastic silicone base, which both grips the short protruding tips of the implants and provides a soft cushion against your gums. The entire procedure lasts about an hour under local anesthesia, unlike traditional competing implant methods, which often require surgery and have a far greater healing time. In fact, by the time you leave your dentist's office, your dentures will fit comfortably, and you'll find there's little reason to take them out at all, even when sleeping!

Who needs Denture Comfort?

Denture patients

  • Are dissatisfied with their dentures

  • Have discomfort

  • Have a limited budget

  • Fear surgery

  • Want fast results

  • Don't like the smell or taste of adhesive

  • Are embarrassed speaking

  • Have trouble chewing

  • Will receive their first dentures

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