Immediate Dentures/Pre-Op

Immediate Dentures/Pre-Op

Immediate Dentures/Pre-Op

Pre Op

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are prostheses that are customized to fit your upper and/or lower jaw after tooth extraction. Your mouth is unique and it may not be suitable for wearing complete dentures. Pre-prosthetic surgery (reshaping surgery) may be needed to optimize the fit of immediate complete dentures.

It is the policy of our office that Immediate Dentures will be placed up to two weeks post op at no additional charge. If any reline procedures are needed after the two week period, there will be an additional fee. It may be suggested that 6 months to one year after immediate denture construction, a reline of the original dentures, or a completely new set of complete dentures should be made to compensate for the changes in the jawbone after extraction. This reline or new set will be done at an additional and customary fee.

Occasionally, some patients may not be candidates for dentures due to medical conditions (radiation therapy to the head and neck, Parkinson's disease, seizure disorders, Sjogren's disease, and other similar conditions). In these cases, alternative treatment options may be necessary.

It is our goal to provide you with optimal fit and esthetics (the way your new teeth will look). Your jawbone(s) may be in a position that will dictate the teeth to be placed in a position which will work best for chewing. This may not allow us to set the teeth as cosmetically as we would desire. However, our goal is to provide you with optimal function and esthetics with your new set of complete dentures.

As with any treatment, there is no guarantee that you will easily function with the dentures. A customary adjustment period is expected. During this time excess saliva, sore spots, bite adjustments and minor changes in speech may occur. It is our goal to minimize these changes to allow you to adapt as best as possible to your dentures. Any routine adjustments to the denture(s) for the first 6 months will be included in the cost of the denture(s). After that, adjustments will be done at an additional and customary charge.

Instructions for denture wear will be given to you at the delivery appointment along with care instructions. Please remember, treatment with immediate dentures is a team effort from your dentist and you. I understand that if I adjust the denture myself, the office will not be responsible for improper fit or breakage of the prost

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