Periodontal Treatment/Post-Op

Periodontal Treatment/Post-Op

Periodontal Treatment/Post-Op

Post Op

To Help make sure you get the maximum results from your treatment, you should follow a few simple steps after your treatment with ARESTIN.

  • Don't touch. Avoid touching areas of your gums that your dental professional has treated.

  • Wait to Brush. Wait 12 hours before brushing your teeth in areas that have been treated with ARESTIN.

  • Wait to floss. Wait 10 days before flossing or using toothpicks or other devices that clean between your teeth in areas that have been treated with ARESTIN.

  • Avoid eating hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for 1 week after treatment.

  • Always follow up. Because the bacteria that cause periodontal disease are persistant, the infection can return. Please be sure to make follow-up appointments with your dental professional to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

  • Keep your scheduled appointments. It is important to keep all of your dental appointments so that your dental professional can re-examine your gums, make sure the infection is under control, and measure the success of your treatment.

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