What is a bone graft?
Bone grafts are used to fill bony defects, provide structural support, and build up deficient areas of the jaw when bone loss occurs. For example, it is sometimes necessary to rebuild the bone by using bone graft prior to placing dental implants or dentures. There are different types of grafting material available to treat various conditions. Consult with your doctor for the options that will be best for treating your case.

What is an allograft?
Puros grafts are classified as allograft material. An allograft consists of tissue intended for transplantation into another individual of the same species. According to the American Association of Tissue Banks, over the past five years approximately 7.5 million bone and tissue allografts have been distributed to surgeons for transplantation into patients.

How are allografts obtained?
Every potential bone donor is screened and tested before being considered for donations. This screening consists of a review of medical and social histories by a medical doctor to ensure donor eligibility. Individuals with any history of disease such as AIDS or hepatitis are immediately rejected. Potential donors with histories of any condition that can affect the quality and performance of the allograft are also excluded.

What are Puros Allograft?
Puros Allografts are a family of premium, sterile allografts distributed by Zimmer Dental.
Puros allografs are prepared for transplantation through extensive testing and screening and propriety, validated sterilization processes. These allograft implants have documented clinical success in dental, head and neck, spine, sports medicine, and other specialty surgeries.

Why Puros Allograft?
Not all allografts are alike. Your doctor is recommending the use of a Puros Allograft because the rigorous processing standards for Puros Allografts have been designed to maximize both the safety and efficacy of the graft. Puros Allogrraft are validated to have the same sterility assurance level as metal or synthetic implants, while retaining the original tissue quality.

How does Puros heal in your body?
Puros Allograft will act as support or bridge for normal bone growth. Over time, your own living cell will begin to grow into the allograft. Â As your body undergoes its natural healing process, the Puros Allograft gradually becomes replaced by your own healthy new bone.

Are Puros Allografts sterile?
The Tutoplast process used to sterilize and preserve Puros mineralized allografts has been used for over 35 years, with treated tissue implanted in more than 1.5 million procedures. Likewise, Puros Allograft pastes are sterilized through the demineralization process, a validated viral inactivation step, and then through gamma irradiation. Every batch of Puros Allograft material undergoes strict, quality-controlled processing and sterilization. Puros Allografts are sterile and ready to use as a result of this process.
Sometimes a patient's age, lifestyle or medical condition can affect the performance of an allograft. Consult your doctor to determine if these factors apple to you.

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