Summer Tips for Whiter Teeth

Summer Tips for Whiter Teeth

Summer Tips for Whiter Teeth

Summer Tips for Whiter Teeth

How to Keep Your Teeth White and Healthy

Your pearly whites rarely get a rest. They help you eat your food. They hold the straw that brings the liquids up into your mouth, and then down your throat. They move up and down as you talk. They are there when you laugh. They are there when you smile. Without your teeth, you literally lose face through your less-than-attractive appearance and diminished oral consumption capabilities. Learn how to keep your teeth white and healthy at home with the occasional help of our skilled Baton Rouge dentist.

Reach for the Water

You already know that you need to drink enough water each and every day to remain hydrated. However, you might not know that drinking water throughout the day helps to rinse your mouth out of the impurities that eventually cause cavities, stains and a whole host of serious dental conditions. Therefore, let water be your first line of defense against yellow, unhealthy teeth.

Use a Straw to Drink Other Liquids

Use a straw to drink juice, soda, tea and other types of beverages. The straw contains the liquid until it goes down your throat, which in turn significantly cuts down on the drink-to-tooth contact that most often causes stains and bacteria buildup.

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Brush your teeth when you awake in the morning. Brush your teeth right before you go to bed. Brush your teeth anytime that they feel dirty, or after you eat foods or drink beverages - such as blueberries or red - known to stain teeth. Enough said. 

See Our Baton Rouge Dentist Twice a Year

It only takes a few minutes for our Baton Rouge dentist to look over your teeth and gums every six months. While the small break out of your schedule might seem like an annoyance, consider the alternative of having a fixable problem that is now irreparable because of your neglect.

Floss Twice a Day

Truth be told, nobody really likes to floss. But, the people that do floss still have their own teeth when they are 80 years old. On the other hand, the people that do not floss start losing their teeth to decay during middle age. In which group do you want to see yourself? Good. Floss twice a day and your teeth will very likely outlive you.

Invest in Cosmetic Treatments

Our Baton Rouge dentist can custom-design a cosmetic treatment program just for you. Whether its whitening treatments, braces, veneers, restorative surgery or any other service you need to look and feel your best, our Baton Rouge dentist can help your teeth become your greatest physical asset.

We work as a team and bring the best we have to offer every day. As perfectionists, you can be confident that we are providing the most quality dental services available even for the most complex procedures.

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