Methods utilized in office for prevention of transmission of Covid-19
  • According to recommendations from Center for Disease Control, American Hospital Association, the American Dental Association and the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry, we are changing the way we treat our patients.
  • We are giving each procedure more time to accommodate the extra precautions requested.
  • We are also increasing the time between patients to accommodate the 10 to 15 minutes requested to allow the viral aerosol to settle.
  • Our patients remain in their cars until appointed time. They are called on cell phone to come into office until their room is ready.
  • Front door is locked at all times. There will be a sign on door instructing patient to call before entering office.
  • A new employee- a patient greeter will admit the patient, re-lock the door, disinfect the door, and escort the patient to the treatment room.
  • Patient temp is taken at front door and will be asked to reschedule if temperature is over 100.4F
  • Patient must answer Covid-19 questions before beginning intake process, if necessary, the patient will be asked to reschedule.
  • No patients will congregate in waiting room. Patient is given a mask to wear upon entering, unless they have their own.
  • Full size, clear poly acrylic sneeze guards are placed at both patient areas of front desk, and at checkout- financial desk.
  • All employees will have Covid-19 antibody testing done in office.  Employees refusing antibody testing will not be allowed to return to work.   Employees can elect to have additional antibody tests done at cost. 
  • Employees must answer Covid-19 questionnaire daily and do temperature screens before work.  Results are logged in real time.
  • Front desk personnel, as well as back office personnel will be provided disposable gowns, acceptable masks (N95, or KN95), face shield, and hat.  Also gloves if will come in contact with patient.  Current guidelines require all personnel to wear masks (surgical with face shield or respirators) throughout office, and gloves (if direct contact with patient)
  • All employees’ respirators are to be fit-tested if appropriate- by Costal Occupational Health.
  • Pt is brought to treatment room, immediately washes hands. We now utilize a pre-rinse with Ora-Care, as well as a post rinse, and possibly a mid-procedure rinse if appropriate. No patient blankets are to be used. Long full-size patient napkin is placed on patient. No hot wax treatments used.
  • If the hygienist has to use a cavitron for periodontal scaling, another new employee- a hygiene assistant will assist and provide high speed suction for the duration of the procedure.
  • The employee working on patient (Dr., Assistant, Hygienist, Hygienist assistant) is to be dressed in disposable gowns, appropriate face mask, face shield, hat, and gloves. Everyone will wash hands between patients.
  • We will not treat patients back to back in rooms- we will alternate rooms to allow particulates to settle.
  • Between patients, all surfaces will we disinfected with appropriate solutions. All surfaces in operatories will be free from clutter. Keyboards and mouse and mouse pads will be covered and covers changed between patients.
  • Taking of xrays will continue to be done in an asceptic manner. 
  • Dirty instruments will be immediately handled, wrapped and sterilized. Nothing will be left exposed on triangle unit.
  • At end of appointment, patient will be escorted out to be met by patient greeter, who then will escort patient to checkout or to the front door.
  • All contaminated PPE will be removed before entering lunchroom and front desk area.
  • All patient rooms will be fogged between patients and at end of day with appropriate disinfectant. 
Future additions to office include:
  • ion treatment systems for the office air HVAC system
  • Ultra filtration of water supply for entire office
The above mentioned Covid-19 precautions meet or exceed all current CDC, AHA, ADA and Louisiana Dept of health recommendations.  Our office has instituted a $10.00 per visit fee to help defer the increased costs associated with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and enhanced infection precautions.  This charge will appear as CDT D1999- Unspecified Preventive Procedure by report on you itemized bill.  We will collect this charge at the time of your visit and file it with your insurance company.  Should your insurance company pay this charge, it will be refunded to you accordingly. 
Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.
Nelson P. Daly DDS

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